Une erreur est survenue

Une erreur est survenue

3 reasons to support the Fonds Erasme

1. You are contributing to medical progress

Research is of vital importance for the development of medicine. It offers insight into problems which we are struggling with today and supplies innovative solutions. Without the Fonds Erasme a lot of important scientific research projects would have never come about.

In order to promote scientific progress, the Fonds Erasme supports research programmes in domains as diverse as pulmonology, cardiology, neuroscience, gastroenterology, genetics, organ transplant, multiple sclerosis, nuclear medicine and rare diseases.

2. You are making a contribution to the training of competent young doctors by giving them a chance to participate in research

The Erasmus Hospital is linked to the Université libre de Bruxelles - ULB. With its academic hospital the ULB wants to guarantee the very highest level of medical care, training for future medical practitioners and medical research. A good quality of care, training and research is an important condition for the continued improvement of health. And that goes for all possible (both rare and common) diseases. On top of this, research offers a unique learning environment for students. They learn to work accurately and scrupulously. In this way research helps to guarantee the quality of modern medicine.

3. Projects are thoroughly scientifically screened

Every year the Fonds Erasme launches calls for projects. This is why the fund is aimed at doctors who are working in the Erasmus Hospital or as part of research teams. A scientific commission of independent experts studies the quality of the dossiers submitted and invites candidates to defend their project. The choice of projects is exclusively based on scientific evidence and is submitted for approval by the Board of Directors of the Fonds Erasme.

Our FR site contains more detailed information on the different research domains funded by the Fonds Erasme.

Would you also like to support the research carried out at the Erasmus Hospital?

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THANKS to everyone who supports medical research!